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    Renwu District Office, Kaohsiung City


    "Benevolence constitutes morality of a saint while fierce comes with a brave person's strength of character."Outlined names of districts/townships throughout Kaohsiung represent benevolence and fierce in concurrence; like being in an honor of morality or fierce unprecedentedly except "Renwu" District.Truly as beauty as my hometown; as brilliant as the homeland. This district is interpreted as "Upon occupying Formosa Island, Zheng Cheng-Gong implemented farming policy to breed soldiers residing in each township.This district was a wild land, then, was classified into Renwu Township for farming policy, thus, named as Renwu."

    "This hometown was named as Renwuchuang in Ming Dynasty. The name remained in Ching Dynasty which was belonging to Kuangying Li. In the sixteenth year before the Republic of China during the Japanese occupation, it was placed in the eighth district belonging to Fengshang Branch Office of Tainan. In the eleventh year before the Republic of China, it was renamed as Kaotang District belonging to Nanzi Branch Office of Fengshang Office, Tainan.

    In the third year before the Republic of China, Fengshang Office was integrated into Tainan Office and this District was belonging to Nantzi Branch of Tainan Office. In the ninth year of the Republic of China, it was renamed as Renwuchuang due to policy change and it was belonging to Kaohsiung County, Kaohsiung State.In the thirteenth year of the Republic of China, Kaohsiung County was changed to Kaohsiung County and this township was altered to be governed by Fengshang County. After Taiwan recovery, it was renamed as Renwu Township and altered as Renwu District, Kaohsiung City on December 25, 2010.