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Disclaimer & Privacy Rights Declaration

    Dear browser, Global Site of Renwu District Office, Kaohsiung City concerns much and respects the privacy rights you are entitled with.In order to help you understanding ways of the Station's site in the colleciton, application and protection of your profile, please kindly read details of Privacy Rights & Information Security Protection Policy in the website; this policy will help you get the whole picture of policies and principles when you are collecting, using and protecting profile during served by the Website.

    • Scope of Application
      The following privacy rights protection policy applies to collection, appication and protection of profile invovled in the activities executed on the Global Site of Renwu District Office, Kaohsiung City.But it does not apply to other sites linked from the Station's Website; when you are in the activities of these websites, protection of profile applies to privacy rights protection policy posted on these websites.
    • Profile Collection Method

      1. General browse:
      The Station's Website will retain log generated in the server during your browsing or searching in the Website, which inlcuding but not limited to IP address of connection device, span of time spent, browser used, log of browsing and clicking on the data.The Station's Website will mark each user's browser and summarize all webpages user's browser did inside the Website, unless you are willing to inform us of your profile, the Station's Website cannot correspond the log with your profile.

      2. Others:
      Except profile you provided during logging in the Website actively, you might provide other profile such as E-mail or name actively on the Website.The kind of provision is out of scope the Website's privacy rights protection policy.Besides, if you write us or give us feedback through other channels, we will also retain correspondence and process log.
    • Personal Application of Cookies and Policy
      For individual service, we will use Cookies technology to save and track data users in a certain session.Cookie refers to brief data transferred from the website to the browser and saved in an user's hard disk of PC.Our browser can choose degrees of the browser's acceptance of Cookies under "Advanced Setting" of "Function Settings" or IE's "Security" of "Internet Option", which including acceptance of all Cookies, notices during setting Cookies, refusal of all Cookies and so on.If you choose refusing all Cookies, you might not be able to use individualized service partially or participate in partial activities.

      Generally, we will write in and read in Cookies depending on following purposes and situations: For the sake of offering better and more individualized service: for convenience of your attendance of individualized interactive events. Cookies will be created during your registry or log-in process and amended upon logging out.

      1.Statistical Browser Count and Analysis Mode:
      For understanding browsing situation of the website and for references of improvements.

      2. Profile Application Method:
      The Station's Website will not be sold, rented or exchanged for your profile with other groups or individual at will.
    • Profile Collection Method:
      The Station's Website will not be sold, rented or exchanged for your profile with other groups or individual at will.