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Information Security Policy Declaration

    Due to failure of guarantee behind security of entire transmission of Internet data, the Station's website makes every effort to protect browsers' profile security.

    Due to data transmission is invovled with good or bad safeguarding policy while you are surfing internet and it cannot assure or guarantee security behind browser's transmission or receipt of the Website's data, browser is requested to note and bear risks behind internet data transmission.

    Due to personal will, any kind of personal data our browsers disclosed on the internet, such as E-mail, name and so forth, might be collected or used by others; should you have any concern about this part, you may not input these data for assurance.

    If you post profile which is readable to others on the internet, you might receive advertisements or spam mail from other communities actively.

    Please kindly understand that the outcome it might cause is out of control by the Station, and the Station may fail to bear any responsibility.

    • Revision of Privacy Rights & Information Security Protection Policy
      The Station's website will amend this policy from time to time, so as to fit with the latest new privacy rights protection rule.
    • Consultation for Privacy Rights & Information Security Protection Policy
      Should you have any issues or doubts about the Station's privacy protection policy or profile collection, use, update and so on, please contact with us within business hours.